A conflicted and troubled cannibalistic sociopath, Robert Vorsh was descended from the same bloodline as his wife, Lisa Svaloe. Although plagued by the same desires, neither indulged them until they met... and then, they set each other off. From that moment on, they were inseperable -  hunting, killing and eating surreptitiously, until eventually they met their end... and were sent to Hell. And together, as in life, they became the incarnation of the mortal sin Gluttony.

Although bound together, their relationship is far from rosy. They quibble and argue all the time; any love they felt for each other has faded long since. Of the two, Bob is the dominated party, mopey, dour and frequently cowed by his assertive spouse.

When he dominates their shared body, it lacks the wings his wife sprouts; he can, however, vomit highly corrosive acid.


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