Gender Species
Female Skunk
Status Affiliation
Dead Unknown
First Appearance Last Appearance
Frightened Virgil Sever The Hunger
Current Plane Former Planes
Unknown Earth
David Hopkins

Jack's skunk was the last of several lovers Jack had during his life. Her name was never mentioned and Jack was unable to remember it.


The skunk was alive during the same time period Jack, Fiver , and Central were. She tried to be supportive of him, even when he wouldn't show any kind of affection, going so far as to be physically abusive to her. Several times, they argued, with her accusing him, "What kind of a god are you?" During the war Jack waged on humanity, she was kidnapped by Grimm, possibly to be used as a bargaining chip. When Jack launched nuclear missiles, Grimm sent a message telling Jack and Fiver "You killed her."

After LifeEdit

It is unknown what happened to the skunk after she died. Since she has not been shown in Hell , it is possible she either went to Heaven or Purgatory .

Canon AppearancesEdit

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