Gender Species
Variable Sheep
Status Affiliation
First Appearance Last Appearance
Page 1185 Page 1282
Current Plane Former Planes
David Hopkins (sort of)

Although often referred as 'He' or 'She', God always seems to look feminine and is a Sheep. God is the creator of the Heavens and Earth for the purpose of mankind. God has a happy-go-lucky attitude, and in one arc mentions that She/He “loves everyone” after asking Central if she is in love with a man or women. When Central says it's a man, God says, “Too bad, I was gonna ask you for her number.” All the while, Central had been referring to God as 'Mom”.

God is also the parent of Satan/Lucifer/The Devil. In one arc, he calls God 'Dad' while yelling at Him in vain of losing a bet.

God makes a few appearances in the webcomic.

Canon AppearancesEdit

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