Gender Species
Male Fox/Rat
Status Affiliation
Reborn None
First Appearance Last Appearance
Page 1 Page 854
Current Plane Former Planes
Earth Hell
David Hopkins

Fnar is a young fox/rat hybrid who mainly resided in Hell. Introduced in the first arc, he had a strong father/son bond with Jack, whom he referred to as his Uncle. Innocent when he died, Hell could not affect him, and he often witnessed the atrocities of Hell without fully understanding what was going on around him. This was symbolized by his pinprick eyes. He stayed in Hell to help his mother Jink open her eyes, and afterwards, at Farrahgo's request to continue to help in Jack's redemption. Along the way, he formed a relationship with a shade sent to torment Molly and gained a pet in the form of a Rework named Bonavin. Eventually, his soul was sent back to Earth and reborn into the form of Randy.


Fnar never got the chance to know life. He was killed while he was still a fetus in Jink's womb. Although a fetus, when Jack came to collect him, he developed into the form of a five or six year old boy.

After LifeEdit

After he was killed, Jack brought him to Hell. He got to see his mother and was then dressed, calmly taking everything in stride.


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Cannon AppearancesEdit