Edmond Vade
Gender Species
Male Lizard
Status Affiliation
First Appearance Last Appearance
Page 1044 Page 1102
Current Plane Former Planes
Hell Earth
David Hopkins

Edmond Vade was the main antagonist of the Jack's arc "Those that run"


In life he was a pyschopathic criminal who was chased by FBI for his snuff movies, the way he died was by a bullet in the head (possibly shot by some FBI agent during a fighting), after becoming a ghost he managed to escape death and he began to master the art of the Mortisha, which is an combat art used to avoid the Reaper (Jack) and to fight him, after recruiting a lot of other ghosts as students, he was discovered by Jack and engaged in a fight with him but failed and was sent to Hell

After LifeEdit

it's not know what happened to Edmond ,in the canon story if he and his students were sent to Hell and judged they would have joined Hell's army as Reworks because of the pact made with Kane, but since Edmond was the one behind all, it's possible that he became useful for some other things, we will never know.

Cannon AppearancesEdit

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