Cliff was a former police officer and soldier, who was debatably killed after being tortured for whistel blowing during the war.  He is noted by his rough appearance, two scythes for arms, and his scar on his left eye. 


Cliff served in the Special Crimes Unit, where he helped arrest Drip and took most of the credit for his arrest.  He went on to join the army afterwards and served in the Vietnam War.  He meets Linda, a female soldier, and they develop a romance.  His platoon is ambushed and kidnapped, and he is tortured and eventually killed. 

After LifeEdit

While still in the bunker, Cliff awakens with a demonic voice possessing him to escape the bunker and seek revenge on his captors.  While he is in hell, he briefly serves Drip before cutting off ties with him to join Lita's group. 

Cannon AppearancesEdit