Gender Species
Male Unknown
Status Affiliation
Dead Working for Kane
First Appearance Last Appearance
Page 7 Page 525
Current Plane Former Planes
Hell Earth
David Hopkins

Brian is a soul who is residing in Hell. His eyes are closed pinpricks. He works for Kane as a lackey, doing such tasks as tormenting Virgil psychologically and watching over Drip.


Brian was a young teenage fur who decided to shoot up his high school. Taking one of his father's guns plus several others, he goes on a rampage, killing anyone he lays eyes on. Coming out of a classroom, he is shot by a fellow classmate he referred to as "the NRA Preacher." Unaware he is dead, Brian continues to try to shoot him until he sees the teen praying over his dead body, a bullet hole in his skull.


After he is killed, the souls of his angry classmates take him to Jack, who shows a rare sense of satisfaction taking the teen's soul to Hell. There, he is tormented by demons for an unknown period of time.

Cannon AppearancesEdit